忍者の末裔が語る甲賀忍者の誕生秘話!/ The very short story of Koka Ninja





2017年10月21日(土)15:00~16:30 (受付開始14:30〜)
【開催フロア】8階 ※開催フロアは変更する可能性あり
14:30 受付開始
15:00 開会の挨拶
15:05 講演-甲賀忍者誕生の歴史文化について
15:50 質疑応答
16:05 写真撮影・アンケート記入
16:30 終了


▼Reccomended for those who…▼
・are interested in the history of Ninja
・wish to participate in an experience based Ninja event
・want to meet new people having same interests

【Event Summary】
We will hold a ninja experience event inviting the descendants of it as our guests.
We can learn a valuable thing such as the background where Koka ninja was born and the ninja hidden in the daily life. You can learn the history and culture of Koka ninja and take a commemorative photo with them.
Let’s experience the deep history of the Koka Ninja that can not be experienced quite easily!

【Date & Time】
2017/10/21(Sat) 15:00〜17:00(Doors Open 14:30)
【Time Schedule】
14:30 Doors Open
15:00 Opening Statement
15:05 Lecture on the history culture of the birth of koka ninja
15:50  Question and answer session
16:05  Photo Shooting & Filling Out Questionnaire
16:30  Event Ends
※The program schedule may be subject to slight changes.
【Place】INBOUND LEAGUE 8th Floor
5-15-14, Shinjuku, Shinju-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Only 15 Persons
Applcation form : http://ptix.at/x9YbU3
※ Registering attendance on this facebook event page does not reserve your place at this event – please ensure to book your place using the above application form.
【Events Fee】1,500yen

【Other information & Disclaimer】
※1 Do not invite any type of business, other events, or religion without permission of staffs.
※2 We reserve the right to refuse any participants in our related events who do not keep to the rules, morals and manners.
※3 We can not guarantee any damage, loss, or trouble in those events.
※4 Please agree to allow pictures and videos of participants taken during the tour to be posted on our homepage, Facebook, and any advertising documents.
※5 We will not disclose Personal Information to third parties without the consent of our customers.
※6 After reservation , we can’t accept basically cancellation according to your circumstances.