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日本のお座敷遊び体験 / 投扇興(Tosenkyo) -Japanese Darts-



日本のお座敷遊び体験 投扇興(Tosenkyo) -Japanese Darts-


【開催日時】 2018年5月26日(土) 13:30-16:00
13:15 受付開始
13:30-16:00 投扇興体験
【会場】 INBOUND LEAGUE 8階(Tatami room&Terrace) 
東京都新宿区新宿 5-15-14

【定員】 15名
【参加費】 3,000円
【申込方法】 https://www.evawat.com/event-entry-form.php?event=226&event-facility=190


坂田 直(Sakata Nao)
2006/12 墨田区に居を移し活動中。着物の仕立が本業。
着付の教室、など行う。写真を撮る仕立屋として、2017/6 初個展 坂田直半世紀

直やのおうち・展示室 https://naoyatic.exblog.jp


【お問い合わせ】エヴァワット 城貝(shirogai@evawat.com)

※1 スタッフへの事前の相談や許可なく、企業採用、イベント勧誘、宗教団体を招待しないでください。 
※2 当社は、関係行事において、規定の規則を遵守しない者または不適切な行為を行う者を拒否する権利を留保します。 
※3 当イベントでの身の回り品の損傷や紛失を保証または補償することはできません。 
※4 イベント中に撮影した参加者の写真や動画をHP、SNS(Facebookなど)、広告等に掲載することがございます。ご了承ください。イベント写真にお客様のお顔が出てしまうと不都合な場合は、事前にスタッフまでお申し付けください。 
※5 当社は、お客様の同意なしに第三者に個人情報を開示することはありません。 
※6 最大参加人数は15名となります。登録は先着順となります。


●Event Summary
Tosenkyo is one of the indoor games that started in the Edo period. It is a game where a fan-shaped target is set on a rectangular box, and from a distance, an opened fan is thrown aiming at to shoot down the target. Although it is called Japanese Darts, it’s purpose is not only to shoot down the target, but depending on the positioning of the fallen fan and box, the name and score of the hand are decided. Differing from the Western darts, chance is also included in the scores. Please join us and experience the deep game of Tosenkyo where the participants decide on the outcome of the game together.

【Date and Time】
May 26, 2018 (Sat), 1:30 pm- 4:00 pm
1:15pm Doors open
1:30-4:00pm Event time
8F, INBOUND LEAGUE (Tatami room&Terrace)
Address: 5-5-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2 minute walk from Shinjuku Sanchome station exit E2

【Participants】 15 max
【Fee】 3,000 JPY
【Registration】 https://www.evawat.com/event-entry-form.php?event=226&event-facility=190

【Instructor Profile】
Nao Sakata
2006/12 Moved to Sumida-ku and has been active there since.
Main business is making kimonos.
As a side business, holds exhibitions, events (”Tosenkyo”, Gatheing enjoying warming up appetizers on ”Hibachi (Japanese charcoal brazier”, sewing, teaching how to wear kimonos, etc. As a kimono maker and photographer, held her first solo exhibion in June 2017.
Naoya’s home / Exhibition Room https://naoyatic.exblog.jp
Owner of “Chiku-chiku Needlework Classroom,” Tailor Naoya


【Contact】Shirogai (shirogai@evawat.com), evawat

【Additional Information and Disclaimer】
1. No recruiting、solicitating to events, nor inviting religious groups without prior notification or permission.
2. We have the right to deny the participation of those that do not follow rules or take inappropriate behavior.
3. We cannot guarantee nor compensate for any personal belonging that are broken or lost during the event.
4. Please be kindly informed that we may use pictures that were taken during the event on our homepage, SNS (i.e. Facebook), and advertisements.
If you do not want your picture to be used, please notify a staff member. Thank you.
5. We will not discloe any personal information to a third party without the consent of that person.
6. Maximum number of participants is 15. Registeration is first come first served basis.