填寫在以下的咨詢窗口後,按確認件發送。根據咨詢的內容,回信・回答的日數會有調整。 關于隱私信息的使用
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Handling of Personal Information

About personal information
UDS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "UDS") complies with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data and explains its handling and protection as follows, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.
1] Purpose of use of your personal data
1. to conclude a design and design management contract and to provide services based on the contract
2. to confirm the reservation of our business such as accommodation, food and beverage, weddings, and product sales
3. To provide information on properties and services from the Company and its group companies that may be useful to the customer
4. to respond to various inquiries
5. To perform various management tasks necessary for the Company's operations.
6. Other purposes incidental to the preceding items.
2] Provision of personal information to third parties
We will provide the personal information we hold about you to the following third parties to the extent necessary. At the request of the customer, we will stop providing the information.
1. a person who will or will be the other party to a contract regarding a matter entrusted by the customer
2. judicial scriveners and land and building surveyors involved in the registration.
3. a management company if it is necessary to manage the subject property.
4. credit bureaus for credit inquiries from prospective tenants.
5. a person who collects delinquent rent when a tenant is delinquent.
6. our group companies or our partners who may be useful to you.
7. an external designer commissioned by us.
8. our group companies and business partners
9. outsourced system management companies.
10. companies that send DMs, etc. on our behalf.
However, please be aware that there is no absolute technology that completely eliminates the possibility of human error and the prevention of unauthorized access, and that the possibility of an "eventuality" may occur.
In addition, in order to improve our service, we use Google Analytics from Google, Inc. In this case, some user information such as IP address may be collected by Google, Inc.
This information will be used only for the purpose of analyzing the use of the website, creating reports for the website operator, and providing other services. By using this website, you give your permission for this data to be processed by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above.
By using this website, you give your permission for such data processing by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above. However, if you do so, you may not be able to use some of the functions of this website.
4] Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing
When all or part of the handling of personal data held by the Company is subcontracted to an outside party, the Company will enter into the necessary contracts and manage and supervise the data appropriately.
5] Personal Information Protection Management Officer and Personal Information Inquiry and Consultation Desk
The following is the name of the Personal Information Management Officer and the contact point for inquiries and consultations regarding the handling of personal information.
Name and contact information of the person responsible for managing personal information
Personal Information Inquiry Desk, Corporate Planning Department, UDS Corporation
Contact for Inquiries and Consultation
UDS Corporation mail :

Personal Information Policy

UDS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "UDS") recognizes the importance of your personal information and treats it carefully.
1] Compliance with laws and regulations
The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any director or employee (including temporary staff, part-time workers, etc.) The same applies below). (including temporary staff, part-time workers, etc.) will comply with the laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and other standards of practice to protect personal information.
2] Appropriate acquisition, use and provision of personal information
The Company will acquire personal information by appropriate methods and use it within the scope of the purpose of use clearly identified in advance. We will not provide the information to any third party except when the person in question agrees to the use of the information, or when it meets the requirements of the law.
3] Safety Management
We will pay the closest attention to the management of personal information and take the necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss and falsification of personal information. In addition, the Company shall establish rules for each of its internal regulations and operations regarding the handling of personal information and systems, and shall establish an organizational structure, including the appointment of administrators, to ensure compliance with the protection of personal information. We will provide appropriate training to our employees to raise their knowledge and awareness of the importance of personal information, and when the handling of personal information is outsourced to an outside party, we will screen the outsourced company and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision.
4] Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use
If you request us to disclose, correct or discontinue the use of your personal data held by us, we will try to respond to your request promptly. If we decide not to respond to your request in accordance with laws and regulations, we will explain the reason.
5] Continuous Improvement
The Company is committed to continuous improvement in its efforts to protect personal information. Therefore, this Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.
6] Inquiries about Personal Information
Our company's contact point for questions and inquiries about personal information is as follows. Please note that we may need to confirm your identity to the extent necessary to respond to your inquiry.
Contact for Inquiries and Consultation
UDS Corporation mail :