The base of global & local business.

the place where global & local business thinkers gather, work and bond with each other.

“INBOUND” is one of the important key in terms of thinking the global and local business in our future.
INBOUND LEAGUE is a workplace where the real and the latest information and network related to Inbound gather all together.
Also, no matter where you work, INBOUND LEAGUE is a place where foreigners can enjoy.
There is share house for foreigners, Tatami room, Tour sale, Cafe, Bar,moreover, event space.
It is a complex building of workplace where you can get the latest information and network.
You can also meet foreigners and catch the real opinion.
INBOUND LEAGUE is a place with full of chances for global and local thinkers.


INBOUND LEAGUE is managed by UDS company which also put LEAGUE Ginza, LEAGUE Yurakucho hand to the work. Based on the concept of “Best Colleague for Good Community.”, it aims to create the new collaboration beyond the belonging and experience throughout the community design by the resident coordinator or variety of the systems such as managing the community Laboratory depending on the theme.


    There are all types of work place from individual to company depending on your work style.


    The professional from many different feilds such as Designer, Architect, IT,Planning, Food, and Community design get together.


    The resident coordinator will assist you to expand the business through introducing the members and organizing the events.

  • LABO

    The community depends on the different theme such as project design, community design, or producing architecture. No matter which fields you are from, you can connect with new fellows who has a same interest with you.

In LEAGUE Ginza, LEAGUE Yurakucho, and INBOUND LEAGUE, the best colleagues who  work with their own thoughts are waiting for YOU to come.