about the service

Feel free to use the services even though you are not an INBOUND LEAGUE members.

  • 1F. Tour Desk ELLISTA

    Tour desk of Tourism company, ELLISTA. Including a short time Shinjuku tour, we plan and sell the tour all over Japan by cooperating with local parters.

  • 1F. Food Truck burriTOKYO

    The food truck “burriTOKYO” stopping near the entrance offers the original burrito combining Tonkatsu, Yakisoba, and other Japanese seasonal foods. Both take out and Eat in are available.


  • Shower

    Rinse off your sweat right away after the Shinjuku walk.

  • Rental bike

    You can borrow convenient bike of “tokyo bike” to go around the city of Tokyo.

  • Cloak

    Available to leave big luggage or suitcase.


  • Worship room

    Feel free to use anytime.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Well-equipped free wi-fi at anytime also for foreigners.

  • Outlet

    Feel free to use anytime.

  • 3F Members only: Inbound Library

    We are developing the new library in Japan. Collected 300 books which were selected by Shintaro Uchinuma, a producer of NUMANOBOOK such as “Japan Tour guidebook written in world languages.” or “Basic book you need to know about Japanese culture” You can get the real and the latest information about Japan from the perspective of oversea.

Dine Plan

We are offering the washoku (japanese food) catering, Sushi demonstration, and dine plan with a meal. Enjoy our authentic Japanese style space as a place for dine or reception.*Ask for the details of the charge, a number of people, or time.

  • Washoku Catering Plan

    Choose from the individual dinner style, or Sharing style. Waiter is here to serve which is perfect for the reception or entertaining customers.

  • Sushi service by craftsman

    Eat fresh sushi made by professional sushi craftsman on the spot. One of the rec-ommendation plans which customers from overseas can enjoy.

  • BBQ in terrace

    Bring yourself only and enjoy the BBQ at open terrace space. Perfect for ac-quaintance party or casual party. ※Open only April to October ( Closed during November to March )

  • Japanese breakfast plan

    Enjoy the variety of Japanese local style breakfast. Available plan for the meeting with break-fast. cooperated with KIARARA NAKAMEGURO