French Comedy de Noël
-Don’t you wanna peep international humor !?-



French Comedy de Noël
-Don’t you wanna peep international humor !?-
【Event Summary】
\ Internartional Comedy Night produced by French 3 comedy musketeers♪ /
Why don’t you spend Christmas Eve on December 24th internationally and have a pleasant holy night ? We will have a fun time at “INBOUND LEAGUE” opened in 20th October.
Either by yourself, with your family or with your lover ! Please enjoy valuable time filled with global laughter in three languages ​​of Japanese · English · Français.
【Date and Time】
Sunday, December 24, 2017
15: 00-17: 00

14: 30 – Doors Open
15:00 – Event start

17:00 Event end
17: 00 – 17: 30 Withdrawal · Party preparation
17: 30 – 20: 00 Christmas party ※Applicant only
5-15-14 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
MAX 20 people
Application form:http://ptix.at/fDJfoc
【Event Fee】
※ It can be enjoyed at half price of rakugo event of Shinjuku neighborhood!
※ Separate fee will be charged for the Party.
【Cast Performers · Activities】
■Yacine Belhousse (From France / Stand-up comedian)
Performing in English / English performance / Stand-up en anglais
■ Stéphane Ferrandez (From France / Rakugo – Story teller)
Performing in French / French performance / Contes en français
■Cyril Coppini (Rakugo)
Performing in Japanese / Japanese Performance / Rakugo en japonais
【Profile (Detail) 】
■ Yacine Belhousse (From France / Stand-up comedian)
Made in France Cosmopolitan Frenchman Yacine Belhousse is at the forefront of a new generation of comedy currently burgeoning in Paris. The Parisian standup who opened for Eddie Izzard on his recent French tour is coming to Japan to perform an all-English show for the first time. Yacine touches on all the typical French subjects including cheezy-garlic-baguettes with berets. But most of all he wants to know: “Voulez-vous laugh-ez avec moi ce soir?”

■Stéphane Ferrandez (From France / Rakugo – Story teller)
1973 Born in Lyon, artist and human love artist Stephen Ferrand. In 2009, He stayed in Kyoto with director Sandrine · Gabria for half a year and studied rakugo from Japanese rakugo. Sandrine · Gabria In 2010, they organized a dance called “Histoires tombées d’un éventail” and currently speak French Rakugo based on experience in Japan wearing kimonos in French-speaking countries It is showing off. Since 2011, he has appeared in “Japan Expo” (Paris · Marseille · Belgium) which is also talked about in Japan, holds a rakugo workshop at the Japanese Culture Center in Paris, and in March 2012 he will be present in Japan (Kyoto · Osaka · Nagoya · Tokyo · Sendai · Fukuoka) We are also hosting a tour, I came to Japan again from the end of March 2013 and also performed French Rakugo throughout the country. Director Sandrine Gabria who stayed in Kyoto for half a year is directing Stephen’s oral presentation. In 2014, she plans to host “Avignon Theater Festival’s vaudeville” in collaboration with the Japanese 噺 家 三 竜 亭 竜 楽 and Hayashiya Duta at the biggest theater festival in Europe “Avignon Theater Festival” (held in July).
■Cyril Coppini (Rakugo) duck duck copy 2 (Cyril · copyni)
Full-edition Japanese rakugo performance by French people!
Performing at a dinner show, an elderly home / welfare center, corporate events, etc.
~ Mercy my rakugo party (business trip) ~ I will go to see your smile!
In 1973 he was born in Nice in Southern France and started to study Japanese in high school, visited Japan in September 1997 (Fukuoka), to the “Kyushu Japanese-French Studies Hall” Work. I went to Tokyo in 2001 and currently belongs to Anstitute Francais Japan in the French Embassy in Japan. In 2010, he met Rakugo and Hayashiya Kenta in Osaka and got to know Rakugo in full swing. He participated in “Rakugo International Convention in Chiba” held in 2011 and won third place. I accompany him in coordination and interpretation of the French performance of Sansutei Ryugaku who plays rakugo in foreign languages, and he is active in spreading rakugo overseas abroad. In July 2014, oral performances were held with Ryusuke and Mr. Kota at the world’s biggest theater festival “Avignon Festival”. In October 2015, “Rakugon society by French people” in Japan, December the same year realized the tour of Switzerland.
From 2015, they will also demonstrate & lecture series “RAKUGO to the world” at the Meiji University Nakano Campus and the domestic NHK Cultural Center. In addition, he is in charge of the French version of comic book “Ikuruko Son” (Shogakkan) published on Rakugo. From 2016, regular appearance at Asakusa Toyokan.
「French Comedy de Noël」
-Don’t you wanna peep international humor !?-
\フランス人お笑い3銃士による、国際的な異色混合のComedy Night ♪/
今年の10月にOPENした「INBOUND LEAGUE」で楽しい時間をお届けします。
14:30 – 受付
15:00 – イベント開始
– 17:00 イベント終了
17:00 – 17:30 撤収・パーティー準備
17:30 – 19:00 クリスマスパーティー
〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿5-15-14
・Yacine Belhousse (From France / Stand-up comedian)
Performing in English / 英語パフォーマンス / Stand-up en anglais
・Stéphane Ferrandez (From France / Rakugo – Story teller)
Performing in French / フランス語パフォーマンス / Contes en français
・Cyril Coppini (Rakugo)
Performing in Japanese / 日本語パフォーマンス / Rakugo en japonais
■Yacine Belhousse (From France / Stand-up comedian)
ヤシンヌは、すべての典型的なフランスのテーマに触れながら話をするが、彼が何よりも一番知りたいことは「Voulez-vous laugh-ez avec moi ce soir?」
■Stéphane Ferrandez (From France / Rakugo – Story teller)
サンドリーヌ・ガーブリア2010年には『Histoires tombées d’un éventail(扇子から落ちた話)』という口演を開催し、現在、着物を着て日本での経験を元にしたフランス語落語をフランス語圏の国で披露している。
■Cyril Coppini (Rakugo) 尻流複写二(シリル・コピーニ)
~メルシー僕の落語会(出張編)~ 皆さんの笑顔に会いにいきます!
1973年に南仏のニースで生まれた尻流複写二は、高校時代に日本語の勉強を始め、 1997年9月に来日(福岡)し、フランス政府公式機関である「九州日仏学館」に勤務。
2001年に上京し、現在、在日フランス大使館内アンスティチュ・フランセ日本に所属。 2010年大阪の落語家・林家染太との出会いをきっかけに本格的に落語を教わる。
2011年に開催された「落語国際大会イン千葉」に出場し3位を獲得。外国語で落語を演 じる三遊亭竜楽のフランス公演のコーディネートや通訳で同行し、落語の海外普及にも積極的である。
2014年7月、世界最大演劇祭『アヴィニョン・フェスティバル』で竜楽さんと染太 さんと口演を開催。2015年10月は日本国内「フランス人による落語会」、同年12月はスイ ス・フランスのツアーを実現。
2015年より、明治大学中野キャンパスや国内のNHK文化センターで「RAKUGOを世界へ」 という実演&講演会シリーズも行う。また、落語をテーマにした漫画『どうらく息子』(小学館 刊)のフランス語版を担当。2016年より、浅草東洋館にてレギュラー出演中。