Job Meetups





Job Meetups

2017年10月21日(土)19:00~21:00 (受付開始18:30〜)
18:30 受付開始
19:00 開会の挨拶・当日の流れの説明
19:15 1回目カード共有
19:20 ブースへ移動し懇親
19:35 2回目カード共有
20:40 全体集合・感想共有
21:00 終了

・お申込みURL :http://ptix.at/s5DzAE


UDS株式会社 地域コーディネイト部
▼Recommended for those who…▼
・woud like to meet some jobs in department of Inbound Business.
・are interested in Career Event with new style facilitation goods. (PDP Cards)

【Event Summary】
This is a job fair called “Job Meetups”. We can meet and know divers jobs.By using PDP Cards*1 , Enterprises choose some patterns statues who suits their. After that , Participants go them and talk each other. Job hunters and Enterprices can match very well with these cards.

*1 What’s PDP Cards ?
PDP Cards: These cards are used to share design ideas and key strategies. This technique was developed by the architect Christopher Alexander, and is used in many fields, such as software, design, business, as well as architecture.

Saturday, October 21, 2017 19:00~21:00(Reception : 18:30 onward)
【Time Schedule】
18:30 Reception Start
19:00 Opening & Introduction of this event
19:15 1st workshop with participants
19:20 Move to the enterprise matched and Talk
19:35 2nd workshop with participants
19:40 Move to the enterprise matched and Talk
20:40 Meet up and Share comments of this event
21:00 Events end
*Contents may be subject to change.

【Place】INBOUND LEAGUE 1st floor
5-15-14, Shinjuku, Shinju-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

【Events Fee】
International Students : FREE , Working adult : 1,000 yen
International Students 30 (only)・10 Enterprises choosen
Application form : http://ptix.at/s5DzAE
※ Registering attendance on this facebook event page does not reserve your place at this event – please ensure to book your place using the above application form.

【Other information & Disclaimer】
※1 Do not invite any type of business, other events, or religion without permission of staffs.
※2 We reserve the right to refuse any participants in our related events who do not keep to the rules, morals and manners.
※3 We can not guarantee any damage, loss, or trouble in those events.
※4 Please agree to allow pictures and videos of participants taken during the tour to be posted on our homepage, Facebook, and any advertising documents.
※5 We will not disclose Personal Information to third parties without the consent of our customers.
※6 After reservation , we can’t accept basically cancellation according to your circumstances.
※7 Registration is on first come first served basis. We beg your kindness.

UDS Ltd. Community Coordinate Department
info@inbound-league.jp(Staff:Umehara, Hasegawa)